We Buy Miami Houses in ANY Condition!

Even if your home needs repairs and updating, we will buy it! As investors, we love your home “AS IS” so there is no need to make repairs or clean up! Any unwanted items left behind will either be donated to The Salvation Army or taken to a waste management center.

Our closings can be scheduled to a date that is convenient for you and most closings can be completed within 30 days.

Call us today or fill out our contact form and receive an “AS IS” no obligation Cash offer within 24 hours!

Things you should know before selling your home:

If you are deciding to sell your home to someone that will need to obtain a loan, here are some things you should know. Most lenders will use FHA guidelines to decide what condition a home needs to be in before issuing a loan. That means all major systems like the plumbing, electrical, A/C cooling,
and heating need to be in good working order and the roof will also need to be in good condition.

An FHA loan is federally insured by the government and is a big reason why owner occupants can buy homes with little money down. Conventional loans are loans that are not federally insured or sponsored by any government agency. There are many types of conventional loans and many different requirements on conventional loans depending on which bank is issuing the loan. Some conventional loans will require everything FHA requires, some less and some more. If your buyer has a conventional lender that will not issue a loan on a home, that doesn’t mean another conventional lender will have the same guidelines.

There are other loans that are sponsored by the government like VA and USDA. However, most
government loan programs will have the same or stricter requirements than FHA.

5 Upgrades that can help you
sell your home

Update the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it is also what sells the home to many buyers. A great kitchen layout, complete with modern, energy-efficient appliances and lots of good lighting, can make anyone pause for a second look.

Refresh the bathrooms

The bathroom should be an oasis. If yours is something much less, consider improving it with new lighting, fresh caulking around the tub and shower, and bright new faucets that draw the eye. If things are really rough in there, consider replacing the vanity with something more modern (including a nice new granite or marble countertop), laying new tile, and painting the walls with something fresh and attractive.

Throughout the home

In today’s competitive market, buyers are looking for homes with the open floor plan, the fresh coat of paint, the newly tiled floors and the modern lighting fixtures. The investment to address these details will certainly help your home stand out from the rest and lock-in a potential home buyer.

Dig into the landscaping

Curb appeal matters, so make it count. Take good care of your trees and shrubs, keep the lawn looking nice, and sweep the driveway on a regular basis. If serious upgrades are called for, consider adding new flower beds, resealing the driveway, lighting up the walkways and adding a deck or patio. An easy way to enhance curb appeal is with a new door, made of steel or solid wood core in a color that makes the house “pop.”

One final investment: A home stager

No matter how carefully you invest in home improvements, you might need some help in showing it off. A home staging expert can carefully arrange the furniture, art and other decor to create a look that will draw in potential buyers. These experts can also give you a firm idea of what you need to work on inside the home, such as reglazing that old tub or adding more lighting to a room.

When selling your home

Having an edge over the competition can mean the difference between a quick sale and a long languish on the market. By choosing the upgrades that suit your budget and your home’s needs, you can enhance your chances of closing the deal.